Andrea’s life is beginning to unravel.

As a curator, she is barely making enough to keep up with her friends in San Francisco. Her boyfriend just arrived home from Bali and introduced her to the new “love of his life.” And every day is feeling more and more like the same old tricks on a hamster wheel. Now doubting the very foundations of her future, Andrea loses herself in the intrigue of a mysterious and macabre artifact that her flamboyant, larger-than-life friend Reid bought for his antique collection.

With Reid’s funding and encouragement, Andrea heads off to Whidbey Island to find out more about it. On the island, life hits the fast forward button and she hesitantly lands herself in an unexpected whirlwind romance with a sailor stationed at the naval base. She also inexplicably runs afoul of a woman claiming to be a local witch.

Under pressure, Andrea debates leaving the island, but soon discovers there is a darker energy bent on righting old wrongs, and that anyone claiming to be the Witch of Whidbey may be out of their league. As events become stranger and more chaotic, Andrea is unsure whether the evil they are dealing with is human or supernatural.

Emotionally shattered, she must find the strength to battle both the witch and this unseen force to save her new boyfriend, her friends, her sanity-and possibly her life.

The Witch of Whidbey-Book 2 in the Witch of Whidbey Series by Nicole Henneman.


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